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Are you interested in exploring how technology can assist you, the people supported, to increase independence? Are you interested in seeing new tech that assists in completing documentation in a timely manner?

Trainings Currently Offered

Supported Decision Making VS Guardianship

Learn the newest lingo for helping people and teams explore how to balance rights with responsibilities. Learn the benefits of pursuing guardianship while also becoming aware of potential pitfalls and dismantling of trust.

Person Centered Practices vs the dreaded “It's their choice, or They refused"
  • Do you struggle to have DSP’s implement strategies that the ISP teams have agreed to by stating, “It’s their choice?” Do you need assistance from someone outside the agency to talk about what is a true choice, versus lack of exposure to try new ideas?
  • Does your agency have a policy about wearing scrubs to work?
  • Do your DSP’s and administrative staff drink large dutch bro’s coffees in front of people supported while talking about their health needs?

As with all things, having a different set of eyes on a problem can help lead hard discussions about your person-centered philosophy while also validating people’s right to make informed choices.

Dual Diagnosis - Personality Disorders
Supporting people and teams who have a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and a diagnosis of a personality disorder. How to stay person-centered, reduce triangulation, and build trust for long term changes.
House Manager Training
Is your small agency growing and you lack a clear definition of roles, responsibilities, and best practices? Enlist SilverNail NW is helping your team to feel empowered with growth and role responsibilities and well…. Maybe add in a few checklists to meet the OAR’s.
Track It: Get Paid for it
How to ensure that your tracking is giving you the data you need to support rate changes.
Sexual and Gender Health - Person Centered Approaches

Do you have team members who are reluctant to talk about sexual health, reproductive health, or are the people supported expressing nontraditional gender pr sexual expressions? SilverNail NW’s Michelle Silbernagel has completed step 2 of the sexual health curriculum from a partnership with OHSU and Shayna Luther. She can and does frank and personable discussions about sexual health in all its forms.

  • We help parents and ISP teams for adults to understand that ignoring sexual health can and does lead to challenging behaviors.
  • How we help people get their sexual health needs met in today’s electronic world.
  • “How Safe is My Partner” we keep the discussion real with real-world but professional language that is supportive of choice while balancing health and safety.

Training Calendar

April 5, 2023
  • Provider Orientation

    Date: April 5, 2023  3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
    Location: Zoom Mtg

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April 21, 2023
  • Provider Orientation

    Date: April 21, 2023  9:00 am - 10:15 am
    Location: Zoom Mtg

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Support Strategies & ISP Documents

Track it: Get paid for it:

  • Tired of hearing the CDDP tell you that you need tracking to justify rate increases?
  • Do you need assistance in documenting the actual support needs (IADL and ADL) you are providing so that these support needs are accurately documented in the rate tool?
  • Do you need a review of the current rate tool to ensure you are tracking necessary items?
  • Do you need assistance with a new-to-you complicated medical support document? Do you need a draft protocol for a new to you support need?
  • Would you like a fresh look at your ISP’s docs to ensure accuracy and lessen the need for change forms?

Licensing, Certification, Endorsements

SilverNail NW has a combined 35 years of experience working in services that follow Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR’s). Each team member has experience as a Direct Support Professional (DSP), and collectively three years of experience as a CDDP Service Coordinator, and over 15 years of experience in management at provider agencies (both large and small) has rounded out our knowledge from multiple perspectives. This allows for greater understanding in interpretation of the rules, understanding OAR rules versus internal process rules, and the language and skills needed to show the licensing authorities how your agency plans to meet the OAR’s.

Licensing, Certification, and Endorsement events for Behavior Professionals, Adult Foster Homes (AFH), Supported Living Services (SL).

SilverNail NW works with professionals in other areas of endorsement to ensure quality consultation services. If we don’t’ feel like it’s our “wheelhouse” we are happy to refer you to another qualified and vetted professional.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

SilverNail NW chooses to only work with businesses that meet our ethical guidelines. Our goal is not to get you “licensed” but instead to ensure that you can provide quality support services to people receiving services. We ensure that you are ready to become a licensed and endorsed agency and that you were given the tools and focus to succeed. We hope to see you grow your business over time and be a resource always.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality work can look and feel different for each agency. The philosophy of SilverNail NW is it is difficult to find errors in work that you produce or with people you work directly with. Send your completed draft ISP document and support documents to SilverNail NW for a QA check. Fixing mistakes before an ISP saves hours of work after the ISP. SilverNail NW keeps up to date with current licensing and ODDS trends. We send out updates to the providers we work with to explain rule or policy changes.

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